About us

We are Andrea and Danie Delport, we have been married for almost 24 years and have two boys.

Our first chinchillas were a Standard pair we bought in a pet store early in 2004. We had to do a lot of research very fast and became fascinated by them. Our first and last kits from the pair were born in Nov 2004. From there we bought chinchillas from breeders and expanded our herd’s gene pool and worked hard towards breeding quality and healthy chinchillas. Over the years our little herd of chinchillas grew to where it is today. Chinchillas to us are not a hobby or a business, it is a lifestyle. We do not believe in quitting on any animals we own and all our chinchillas live out their lives here.

We have been compiling our own food for use in our herd since 2006, but only recently were able to develop a new and improved formulation of an all-in-one chinchilla pellet and register it with the Department of Agriculture.

Our chosen charity in life is to help unwanted chinchillas and we have a sterilization program for chinchillas surrendered to us to ensure ethical breeding without any unintentional kits. We are proudly South African and support our own country and its people with our products, food and dust.