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Chinchilla food (2kg)

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Our food is built on 17 years of experience and is privately owned. Our unique food is truly South African, made right here with only local ingredients produced by our farmers. It is the only privately owned chin food developed in SA that is registered with the dept. of agriculture. Reg no. V31803 (act no 36 of 1947).

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A single all-in-one pellet developed by a qualified South African animal nutritionist, for the South African climate and conditions. It compares favourably with the popular international brands and big breeders are extremely satisfied with results. With no "fillers" and excellent nutritional value, consumption is far less than with mixes and there is extremely little waste. It is suitable for chinchillas of all ages, breeding and non-breeding chinchillas. The semi-complete pellet is complimented with the hay needed by chinchillas to give a well-balanced diet. This pellet can be fed freely and no restriction on the amount of feed per chinchilla is needed.