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Bathing Sand (1kg) R15

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Bathing Sand

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The bath dust is natural clay, mined in South Africa. It is baked and crushed to our specific needs for chinchilla coat hygiene. The process gives a sterile and highly absorbent dust that both penetrates to the skin with the fine dust and brushes out loose fur with the little coarser particles. It leaves a shiny, clean coat that looks groomed. It is also important for the mental wellbeing of chinchillas as bathing regularly and staying clean is extremely relaxing. Because of the high absorbency compared to other dust and sand, it can be used for longer before it needs replacement. In our climate, bath sand can be left in the cages and do not need restricted use for most chinchillas. If your chinchilla has a medical condition, baths might need to be restricted to a few times a week.